Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miner Sixty-Niner

Stacy:  I'm going to smoke... right after Steve stops messing with the trash.
Stacy:  Maybe I should curl my hair while I wait.  Because, you know, I'm working SO hard.
Stacy:  Dammit!  Steve just caught me curling my hair!
Brad:  Why does it matter if he saw you do that?  He hires such useless twats that just sit there, stare, and fart in their panties, you look like a damn miner in comparison!
Stacy:  It just bothers me.  I like to at least pretend that I work in the morning.  LOL.
Brad:  Yep... mining for hair... this new euphemism is brought to you by Brad.


April:  Kenzi looks like a little doughnut curled up in my lap.
Brad:  Yep, a hairy doughnut.  Oh lord... another one.  >_<