Monday, February 17, 2014

Carrie Gets Her Revenge

Is it sad that I can crack myself up to the point of tears?  Foul and hilarious things just pour out of my mouth and take me by surprise.

I now know what it's like to be a Kanye West.

While playing Condemned: Criminal Origins on the XBOX360, a video game about serial killers, I'm tracking one down and wandering through an abandoned high school. I go through the gym, locker room, and a set of showers. Then I stumble across this second set of showers. I turn to Will and say:

"Oh, this must be the girls' showers..."

"Hey!  I just became a woman!" 
"Me too!" 
"Oh my god, me too!" 
"Period fight!!!"

It seriously looks like Carrie got her revenge on the other girls for the whole "plug it up" humiliation by using her telekinesis to make all of their vaginas explode simultaneously.  Yes, that is a fire axe in my hands.  Remember what Bloody the Bear says!  "Only YOU can prevent period fights!"

In other news, that joke may have just cost me my fiance.  :-P

Also, you may have noticed that the site looks a little bare these days.  No pictures and all links to pictures lead to dead ends.  That's because the bastards at decided to just fall off the face of the fucking planet with no warning whatsoever.  Awesome.  So now I have to find somewhere else to host pics and do a bit of maintenance.  Thanks, Razzi!  >_<