Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Feelings; Nothing more than feelings...

Learn to laugh at yourself, because if you don't, someone else will beat you to the punch.

The first time that I learned to laugh at myself and not take life too seriously was when I was about six or seven years old.  Growing up was difficult, especially since I was a giant butterball that had to ROLL everywhere I went.  Being such an easy target, naturally, I was teased, picked on, and bullied often.  Usually this would happen on the bus rides to and from school by the older kids.  Little did they know, they were just adding fuel to a fire of fury that would build up to the levels of the Hiroshima bomb.  Not that it would actually DO much when I unleashed it, but I would feel SO much better.  One day, after an extremely extended amount of ridiculing, I uncorked my bottle.  I was no longer in control of my body or limbs as they proceeded to WAIL of the kid behind me.  I can still see the shocked look on his face as I boxed him about the ears, nose, and throat, all the while crying and shouting, "Fucking stop it!  Why are you doing this to me?!  I HAVE FEELINGS, TOO!"  After the storm died down and I was told to re-take my seat, a sense of calm washed over me, like a blanket fresh from the dryer.  I smiled.  I felt that I finally got my point across and that my days of bullies was behind me.  I thought that word would spread all around the schools "Don't fuck with Brandon Sharp!  He'll kick your ass!"  Little did I know, that was not the case.  Little did I know, I just gave them another reason besided my portly frame to pick on me.  Little did I know, I had just become a meme.  A meme before memes were a 'thing'.

The next day on the bus, I noticed a flyer being passed around and giggles erupting when it reached the next intended person.  I caught a glimpse of it.  It was a picture of a local children's television show host smiling next to his puppet dog companion.  "BJ and The Super Ones".  I shrugged it off with an "Okay, I don't know what's so funny about that one particular picture, but whatever floats their boat."  Later that day, as I boarded the bus, outright laughter in my direction was not only audible, but visually obvious as well.  Not knowing what was going on, I took my seat.  A minute later, a crumpled ball of paper hit my head by an unknown assailant.  I un-crinkled it to see BJ staring at me with the perma-grin... but something else was added.  There was a cartoon word bubble coming out of his teeth with the phrase "I have feelings, too!"  For anyone else, the rage would've taken over and another bout of limb flailing and cry-shouting would commence... but thankfully I was born with an astute sense of humor.  The only thing out of my mouth was immense laughter.  I mean, c'mon.  That was funny as fuck!  This must've confused and scared the other kids because all was quiet save for my giggle-fit.  I can only imagine that they thought they pushed me over the flippin' edge and that the next day I would get on the bus with a machete and show them my Jason Voorhees impersonation.  After that, the teasing, taunting, and bullying never got to me again.  I could actually point out what was being made fun of and join in with my own rapier wit which was worlds beyond the immature ribbing they attempted!  That usually took the steam and fun out of the bullies' taunts, and they eventually just stopped all together thinking "What's the point?"  I never realized that is what the ultimate outcome was; I was just laughing along and enjoying a joke!

So, yes, it DOES get better... but ya gotta meet better halfway and actually TRY to make it better.  Don't just sit and wait for better to come to you... it may get lost on the way.

Now I leave you with a clip that I found of Cartoon Clubhouse/Good Time Gang/BJ and The Super Ones/or whatever the fuck it wanted to be called.  Hell, after that day, I called it the "I Have Feelings, Too Show".  Thanks, BJ, for helping me laugh at myself.  ^_^


Brad:  Wow, Unicorn Booty just posted about another gay teen taking his life due to bullies.  Yep, I commented with a link to my blog.
Stacy:  Well, it *does* get better.
Brad:  Am I a bad person for not really sympathizing with these kids that are taking the easy way out instead of dealing with it like I had to do?  I mean, it does suck that it happens and I DO wish it could stop all together, but dammit homo, man up!
Stacy J. Sciarra: LMFAO!  "Dammit homo, man up!" is just not something you hear everyday!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Missah Yoo

Stacy:  How sad is it that I found it romantic to have non farted on twinkies?
Brad:  I'm bawling as we speak.
Stacy:  Mr yoo 
Stacy:  ...and by that I mean 'me too'
Brad:  ROFLMAO!!! I was about to say! Who the hell is Mr. Yoo?!?!?!?!
Stacy:  My fingers were a little... off center 
Brad:  "Missah Yoo, he from China, he like-a tha flied lice and egg lorr."
Stacy:  Ahn non faahted on twinkies
Brad:  "No, he like-a tha faahts."
Brad:  "He first name is Fok. Fok Yoo like-a tha faahts."
Stacy:  LMAO... ok. mood improved 13%
Brad:  ^_^

And before any of you start playing the race card... can you really be racist of an imaginary man that you MADE UP?!  o_0

Here & Gone

Here & Gone 04-13-2012

Quell me with words that slip from your fingers
Kiss me with silence so hard that it lingers
Tell me your thoughts of unbridled emotions
Whisper your dreams of constant commotions
Lull me to sleep by breath from another
Keep me in deep, your labor of conquer
Wake me with hazy half kept promise
Then vanish completely when fully conscious

He Breathes In...

He breathes in. A deep sigh through his dry cracked mouth. A sigh that would put the desert to shame. A sigh so deep it causes his diaphragm to bellow outward and push against his belt, as if wanting to break free of its leathery tyranny. Once his belly is full of oxygen, he spews out the carbon dioxide, disposing of all remnants that the sigh even took place. He looks up at the screen, the provider of his existence. Windows open, programs running, scripts scripting. The same thing, but on a different day. A different day that had happened five times before. He wished for the different. Something more than just another day of the year. Something more than the endless sighs. Something more than what kept his pants up. With a furrowed brow, he opens a blank notepad on the computer and proceeds to write... He breathes in...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sometimes a Stacy is just a Stacy

Brad:  So, weird dream last night...

Stacy:  Oooh tell me!

Brad:  I was in prison... I don't know what for, but it doesn't matter. Couldn't have been TOO bad, though, because this was like a minimal security type place; open cells, community room with TV, board games, snack machines, and cots for naps, and everyone there was SUPER nice and copacetic. Well, not everyone; apparently there was this one group or gang that just took whatever they wanted, and by anything, I mean ANYTHING. So, there I was, lying on one of the cots, chatting with some chick that I do not recognize, and then I feel some guy lay down on top of me and start grinding his fully erect honkin' peen against my ass. I give a wide eyed WTF look to the girl and say "What the hell?!" She then tells me "He's a bug, you're a rug; bugs go anywhere and do anything they like, rugs just have to lie there and take it." I sigh, "Bug and rug? Well... fugg!" This causes everyone around us, my potential rapist included, to start cracking up. Then Mr. Big Dick pats me on the back and says "You're alright" then walks away.

Brad:  Okay, Miss Dream Master... what in the ever loving hell does THAT mean?!?!?! o_0

Stacy:  Ok, first of all prison typically represents feeling repressed, censored or trapped in some way...  The fact that you specifically said "it was minimum" is also significant...  Kinda sounds like it was work.

Stacy:  The chick you didn't know represents the same sort of censorship.  There's something in your life that you feel censored on.  HOWEVER, since you were 'chatting', it could symbolize seeking advice or someone in your life that offers you insight (like ME) hehehehe.

Stacy:  Sex is a complicated interpretation, but really, since you're gay in awake life and were dreaming about something gay sexual, that's actually VERY good.  It means that you are accepting of yourself (and since sex didn't actually happen, that's about it) that's all that part meant.  Some part of your life feels censored but not your sexuality 

Stacy:  ...and it was definitely me in your dream, you just didn't know it 

Brad:  LOL, with glasses, short hair, and a bit of pudge... sure, I can see it. LOL

Stacy:  Just because it didn't LOOK like me doesn't mean it wasn't me.  Yes, the world revolves around ME!

Brad:  LOL, I gathered...... a LONG time ago.

Brad:  I can hear this conversation in a different way... "I had a near rape dream last night." "Was I in it?!?!"

Brad:  "... yes... pointing and laughing..."

Brad:  LOL

Stacy:  LMFAO ROTF!  EPIC STATUS in the making.

Friday, April 6, 2012

These bots are getting pretty damn brazen!

lonahqbbilinski: Hey wanna see my new clit ring ...i bought it to show it off!
ZaxxonQ: Keep the receipt...
lonahqbbilinski: Hey sweety, how r ya 
ZaxxonQ: Right now... because of you... disgusted. >_<
lonahqbbilinski: Was starting to think no one wanted to chat with me...So watcha ya up to cutie?
ZaxxonQ: No one still does, we are all broke, cannot afford to "chat" with a bot, and I am at work trying to make a living in an HONEST way. Now please... go'way.
lonahqbbilinski: uggh no i'm not are u???? lolz
ZaxxonQ: go'way
lonahqbbilinski: Im just hangin out..I have the place to myself, my roommate left on vacation for the week so I get to play online in my thong...LOL
ZaxxonQ: go'way
lonahqbbilinski: So what ya wearin sexy? lolz
ZaxxonQ: go'way
ZaxxonQ: go'way
ZaxxonQ: go'way
ZaxxonQ: go'way
ZaxxonQ: go'way
lonahqbbilinski: I know we just met but im really turned on right now...Its just a little naughty fun on my web cam...You UUP for it sexy???
ZaxxonQ: *sigh* I'm gay, bitch. Go'way before I rip out your pretty new clit ring.
lonahqbbilinski: make me your bitch 
ZaxxonQ: I already have a bitch; her name is Kenzi and she'll bite your snatch. Go'way.
lonahqbbilinski: make me your bitch 
ZaxxonQ: Uh oh, bot's phonograph is scratched... *kick*
lonahqbbilinski: k my cam is wired thru a chat network to keep the yahoo kids away from me so dont worry if you dont have a cam or yours don't work ok? I gotcha covered baby! 
ZaxxonQ: Oh good, you're back to your regular annoying self. Okay, I'm-a go now. You have fun with your new ring, cause that is the ONLY action you'll be getting. See ya!