Friday, April 13, 2012

Missah Yoo

Stacy:  How sad is it that I found it romantic to have non farted on twinkies?
Brad:  I'm bawling as we speak.
Stacy:  Mr yoo 
Stacy:  ...and by that I mean 'me too'
Brad:  ROFLMAO!!! I was about to say! Who the hell is Mr. Yoo?!?!?!?!
Stacy:  My fingers were a little... off center 
Brad:  "Missah Yoo, he from China, he like-a tha flied lice and egg lorr."
Stacy:  Ahn non faahted on twinkies
Brad:  "No, he like-a tha faahts."
Brad:  "He first name is Fok. Fok Yoo like-a tha faahts."
Stacy:  LMAO... ok. mood improved 13%
Brad:  ^_^

And before any of you start playing the race card... can you really be racist of an imaginary man that you MADE UP?!  o_0

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