Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sometimes a Stacy is just a Stacy

Brad:  So, weird dream last night...

Stacy:  Oooh tell me!

Brad:  I was in prison... I don't know what for, but it doesn't matter. Couldn't have been TOO bad, though, because this was like a minimal security type place; open cells, community room with TV, board games, snack machines, and cots for naps, and everyone there was SUPER nice and copacetic. Well, not everyone; apparently there was this one group or gang that just took whatever they wanted, and by anything, I mean ANYTHING. So, there I was, lying on one of the cots, chatting with some chick that I do not recognize, and then I feel some guy lay down on top of me and start grinding his fully erect honkin' peen against my ass. I give a wide eyed WTF look to the girl and say "What the hell?!" She then tells me "He's a bug, you're a rug; bugs go anywhere and do anything they like, rugs just have to lie there and take it." I sigh, "Bug and rug? Well... fugg!" This causes everyone around us, my potential rapist included, to start cracking up. Then Mr. Big Dick pats me on the back and says "You're alright" then walks away.

Brad:  Okay, Miss Dream Master... what in the ever loving hell does THAT mean?!?!?! o_0

Stacy:  Ok, first of all prison typically represents feeling repressed, censored or trapped in some way...  The fact that you specifically said "it was minimum" is also significant...  Kinda sounds like it was work.

Stacy:  The chick you didn't know represents the same sort of censorship.  There's something in your life that you feel censored on.  HOWEVER, since you were 'chatting', it could symbolize seeking advice or someone in your life that offers you insight (like ME) hehehehe.

Stacy:  Sex is a complicated interpretation, but really, since you're gay in awake life and were dreaming about something gay sexual, that's actually VERY good.  It means that you are accepting of yourself (and since sex didn't actually happen, that's about it) that's all that part meant.  Some part of your life feels censored but not your sexuality 

Stacy:  ...and it was definitely me in your dream, you just didn't know it 

Brad:  LOL, with glasses, short hair, and a bit of pudge... sure, I can see it. LOL

Stacy:  Just because it didn't LOOK like me doesn't mean it wasn't me.  Yes, the world revolves around ME!

Brad:  LOL, I gathered...... a LONG time ago.

Brad:  I can hear this conversation in a different way... "I had a near rape dream last night." "Was I in it?!?!"

Brad:  "... yes... pointing and laughing..."

Brad:  LOL

Stacy:  LMFAO ROTF!  EPIC STATUS in the making.

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