Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Dirty 07-10-2012

You left early in the morning
without a goodbye
I touch the space on your side
turn my face and sigh

I throw the covers off of me
expose the chest cavity
rise up like a zombie
with hunger to satisfy

Why did you have to leave
and take the biggest part of me?
Now I'm walking through this Hell
Searching for my soul to sell...
... and I feel dirty
Feel so dirty...

Voided and broken
a shambling mess
Laying with another
While my eyes protest

To feel anything again
Is my one and only crime
But it's only temporary
To satiate or pass the time

Dust it off, shake it clean
Open up and rip the seam
Fill it in and pat it down
I'm ashamed of what I found...
... and I feel dirty
So damn dirty...

In a heap, on the floor
Crying, fighting, wanting more
I have no right to ask for help
I brought this all on myself
... and I feel dirty
So fucking dirty...