Monday, July 3, 2017


~MKP~ (Update 07-21-2017) - My Mortal Kombat Project Compilation based on the latest releases of the Mortal Kombat Project version 4.1 Season 2.5. Credits for all components of the game in files.

This will probably be the last edit I make on this project. It's fun and playable, but there's a few VS screens for some characters that are a bit wonky and I just don't have the motivation to fix them. If anyone wants to pitch in and help with cleaning this up, repairing, and tweaking it, please feel free!

It's been fun taking a trip down memory lane. The MUGEN community is still exactly the same. Kinda sad if you think about it. Imagine what you people could create if you all just got along and respected each other. Anyhoo, I've created this. MUCH better than that horrible M-Kast game from 2009! Hope y'all enjoy! Be kind to one another, m'kay?

It's not perfect; bug and glitches here and there, but it's still fun! This is worlds better than the M-Kast game I made way back in 2009! All of the download links will be updated on my site (link below) as I continue to make improvements and revisions. Enjoy!

[UPDATE 07-21-2017]
Alberto Blaze recently found the first MKP I edited in 2009 called M-Kast. I thought I had lost it forever after a PC crashed. I have since then added more characters and changed the name.

Super Duper Mega Extreme Ultimate M-Kast 2 Turbo Chaotic Anthology:
Supreme Hot Garbage MUGEN 2009-2017 Alpha & Omega Edition DX 64 Extra 500+ Characters Final

Or just Hot Garbage Kombat (HGK)

This is a parody and social commentary on what a Hot Garbage pile Mortal Kombat has been twisted into by the MUGEN community. You can download it at the links below, but be warned; its very glitchy and majorly unbalanced, but it's still a TON of fun!
I hope you like my works! Have fun, enjoy, and PLEASE be kind to each other!

"[Any MUGEN game that I edit] is not mine, per se. I do not claim ownership to any MUGEN items, even the ones that I do myself from scratch. I actually get thrilled when others enjoy the edits I've done! Sometimes, it's a lot of hard work, but I will never cry, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" The MUGEN community needs more people like that. Sharing with each other and focused on contributing to one or two projects instead of people getting all pissy and run off to make yet ANOTHER version of MKP for themselves. Then there's the people that show off pictures or videos of what they are working on, but refuse to share with anyone. That's a dick move. If we could all just work together, I am positive we could make a fighting game that's a thousand times better than the "official" versions. Like I said, yes it is hard work and a LOT of time and sleepless nights go into it, but it's all totally worth it to see someone else playing a game I had a hand in making or hearing others say, "That's pretty cool! Good job!"

For a group of people who are talented, creative, and intelligent, they can also be so stupid. Grow up, don't be a dick, share and give back to the community, and above all else, be kind to each other."

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Aural Amore"

He sings. A lot. Either in another room while browsing on his laptop, in the shower, or riding in the car, he will always be singing. He may hit the wrong note or lyric, but that will never deter him. He will belt it out loud and proud. He's become the background music to my life, and I never want to stop hearing him.

He gushes. He tells me multiple times every day that he loves me. He will stop what he is doing and interrupt whatever I am doing just to tell me “I love you!” Every night before bed must end with that phrase as well. Sure, sometimes I want to continue what I am doing or just want to slip into unconsciousness, but I repeat after him regardless, and I never want to stop hearing him.

He snores at me. No, I do not mean 'He snores next to me'. When we sleep and his face is close to mine, where I can feel each hot breath, he violently snores at me. I don't mind, though. I am quite used to it, but even if I am disrupted from slumber, I do not get annoyed. I like the reminder that he's there, and I never want to stop hearing him.

I've been here ever since that day. That day when I heard screeching tires and his voice calling my name with an 'I love you'. The pills they give me here don't seem to have the intended result they were hoping for. He still sings. He still gushes. He still snores. He still does all of this despite the accident that left me permanently deaf while also taking his life...

and I never...


want to stop...