Monday, July 3, 2017


~MKP~ (09-09-2017 UPDATE) - My Mortal Kombat Project edit based on the latest releases of MKP V4.1-S2.5. If you do not like this, do not download it. If you don't have any constructive criticism, make your own game. There is absolutely no need to be negative.

This is an extensive update; lots of older characters converted and added, more major fixes for a lot of characters, and many various tweaks. It shouldn't come as any surprise that converting older characters for the new MKP system was extremely difficult, so there will be small bugs and glitches here and there. Nothing too bad, but still fun! Again, if anyone wants to pitch in and help fix the characters with errors that I couldn't seem to rectify, please do!

It's not just a compilation; I've had to edit and create hundreds of sprites, trim and delete hundreds of unused files, and arrange and organize many various aspects in this game. I've spent many sleepless nights and have poured hours of labor and love into this project.

I do not seek any fame or recognition even though I have poured my heart and soul into this project. It has been a LOT of HARD work. Having to learn everything about MUGEN in such a little time and having to dig through a metric ass-ton of code to correct errors has destroyed my brain! It is going to be a very long time until the next update. I need to take a break from the major coding for a while, less I go insane.

Do not feel like you have to ask my permission to use anything from this collection or need to add my name to credit me. Please, use it all. Have fun! Learn and grow! Share!

Major, MAJOR props to all of the original creators, especially Borg117! You are GODS when it comes to your knowledge, patience, and determination! I don't know how you do it! It has taken a huge toll on me, so I get why you are so protective of your work.

With that being said, I still believe that it is better to be "stolen" from than not wanted at all.

I would much rather people enjoy the fruits of my labors than have my hard work go to waste and nobody want my game. It's all about perspective!

A notice for everyone: I will not add more characters/stages/music, I will not fix glitches/bugs/errors, I do not take requests. I greatly urge everyone to learn how to use MUGEN and code just like I had to. It's a terrific learning experience and you will appreciate the game and your creation a lot more than if it was all handed to you. I purposely left in incomplete, incompatible, and missing files as a subtle way to encourage you to work on it yourself. Don't get me wrong. The game is fully playable! But, as an example, the SELECT file is missing modifiers for the characters. That is a VERY easy fix and a great place to start learning! ^_^ Trust me, you can do it. I believe in you! If I didn't, I'd take all your requests and submit a more complete game.

Have fun, little fighters!

All of the download links will be updated below as I continue to make improvements and revisions. Enjoy!

Download ~MKP~ from MediaFire


Super Duper Mega Extreme Ultimate M-Kast 2 Turbo Chaotic Anthology:

Supreme Hot Garbage MUGEN 2009-2017 Alpha & Omega Edition DX 64 Extra 500+ Characters Final

Or just Hot Garbage Kombat (HGK)

[UPDATE 07-21-2017]
Alberto Blaze recently found the first MKP I edited in 2009 called M-Kast. I thought I had lost it forever after a PC crashed. I have since then added more characters and changed the name.

This is a parody and social commentary on what a Hot Garbage pile Mortal Kombat has been twisted into by the MUGEN community. You can download it at the links below, but be warned; its very glitchy and majorly unbalanced, but it's still a TON of fun!
I hope you like my works! Have fun, enjoy, and PLEASE be kind to each other!

"[Any MUGEN game that I edit] is not mine, per se. I do not claim ownership to any MUGEN items, even the ones that I do myself from scratch. I actually get thrilled when others enjoy the edits I've done! Sometimes, it's a lot of hard work, but I will never cry, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" The MUGEN community is in dire need of good willed people, sharing and contributing, giving as well as taking. If we could all just work together, I am positive we could make a fighting game that's a thousand times better than the "official" versions. Like I said, a LOT of time and hard work goes into this, but it's all totally worth it to see someone else playing a game I had a hand in making or hearing others say, "That's pretty cool! Good job!"

Share and give back to the community, but above all else, be kind to each other."