Friday, February 24, 2012

Ali Spagnola

Oh, Ali Spagnola, how I love thee; let me count the ways!  One, two, three, four, five, six... *sigh*  Let's just pretend I went all the way to sixty, m'kay?  Yes, I love every single one of your minute long ditties, and that isn't just the hooch talking.  You bring such a unique charm to your performances, songs, videos, sites, and art, it's quite alluring, even without beer goggles.  It's increasingly rare to find an artist that pours so much of themselves into what they do and love doing it, not just for the money, fame, hookers, or blow, but for the fans.  You really deliver and speak to them, to us, and I find that ever so spectacularly fascinating.  I could sit here and gush all day, but gurl, I’m-a try to hook you up and boost your sales.  You deliver on the goods, and you totally earn my respect, my adoration, my loyalty, my straight razor if you ever need me to cut a bitch, and my friendship!  ^_^

Oh, yeah, and my thirty bones.  :-P

So, listen up, peeps!  This is Ali.  Ali has an album.  That album is called The Power Hour Album.  That album comes on a cute little 1GB USB thumb drive that is tucked away inside a groovy little shot glass.  Wanna know more?  Of course you do!  So, play the video and prepare to be wowzered (yes, that just happened) by the amazing charm of Ali Spagnola… then get ready to whip out your credit card… or, y’know, if you are living in the NOW, your PayPal password... which you may feel free to share with me if you so please.  ^_^

See?  Now doncha wanna be one of the cool kids and get one of these nifty little fuckers?!  ^_^  What's thirty dollars?  That's chicken feed!  (what, you don't feed your chickens money?)  If you really need to watch the budget, just get the album by itself or download it (legally, bish... I'm watching you).  Also, if you are not convinced that this chick-a-dee is worthy of your time or moolah, check this... she actually talks to her fans  Feel free to send her tweets, drunk texts, or chat with her on her site!  Ali really is a cool and friendly gal, and doncha want a friend like that?  ^_^

(in the Meeboverse) Soooooo... think there will be a sequel to your album?!  :-D
Ali Spags: haha possibly 40 more for a centurion
Ali Spags: i saw you just bought a shot glass :) thanks for the support! In-fuggin-deed, m'lady!  ^_^  Always glad to support the pretty and charming artistes! So, how is the case against the horrid douche-bag going, or are you not allowed to leak the deets on that?  :-/ *hangs head because he just used 'deets'*
Ali Spags: hahaha! deets.
Ali Spags: case is still going on. super lame and super slow
Ali Spags: but i thiiiiiink we're almost done W00t!  Wait, did I just w00t prematurely?  That WAS a good w00t, right?  Why does this conversation sound so familiar???  o_o
Ali Spags: enjoy that plushgun concert, by the way :) i just watched your latest video
Ali Spags: i opened for them once DOOD!  You met DAN?!?!?!?!?! *jelly*  >_< but, yeah, if you make it through to the Kiki vids, I apologize in advance.  :-P
Ali Spags: haha yeah. they were openers at the show, too!
Ali Spags: freezepop were the headliners. In my perfect life, he is my hubby.  *sigh*   I mean, I love your album, too!  Don't get me wrong!  I guess you can be our maid or something.  :-| lol
Ali Spags: have you seen "i want to write a song for you"? OMG, yes! I would LOOOOOOVE to do that once I have the funds!  Huh... I just spent money on you instead of saving up for that... you just moved up from maid to saucy mistress on the side.  ;-)
Ali Spags: hahaha! i'm thrilled with being the adjective "saucy" LOL!!!  Ditto!  ^_^  (we just had a total Ghost moment)  :-P
Ali Spags: hahaha!!!! well, the booze is really kicking in (yes, I vow to only text and IM you while plastered) and I should head to bed.  Work comes at 5am.  >_<  I am ecstatic to hear the case is coming to a (hopefully happy) close.  Keep up the awesome work and NEVER give up!  ^_^  *hugs*
Ali Spags: awww, thanks hun! have a good one :D

(in the Twitterverse)
@alispagnola Would you mind terribly if I re-posted on my site our conversation from tonight and promoted your site? ^_^ Pretty please?
@ZaxxonQ Wellllll. . . Ok go for it :) Good chatting with you, darlin'!
@alispagnola W00t! Will whip something up while at work... and sober... not gonna be WORKING... so I might as well do something useful! ^_^
@ZaxxonQ Haha you'd better hope your boss doesn't read your tweets
@alispagnola My boss is Irish... I'll just give that free download card from the shot glass to him. That will make everything better. ^_^


(a conversation with Stacy while trying to push this article)
Stacy:  Yo.  What are you instructing me to buy?
Brad:  Click the link, silly!  LOL!  YOU might not be the target clientele, though... (Stacy does not drink)
Stacy:  I'm clicking and reading...
Brad Sharp:  She is SO VERY fuggin' charming in her video... I HAD to buy one... and then question my sexuality seeing as a quirky girl made me buy something that a beefcake would not... o_o
Stacy:  LOL!!!

~~~(UPDATE PART 2)~~~

She really does rock!  She put ME on HER blog!  I guess fair's fair!  ^_^

Sunday, February 19, 2012

02-19-2012 aka WINNING!

I WON STUFFS!!!  ^_^
Thank you Lemonhead and Plushgun & Dan Ingala!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just won an 8GB iPod Touch from an arcade machine at a bowling alley!  O_O  Played the game three times, paid $2 each time... so, sure, I think $6 is a fair price for one of these.  :-P  What the eff is going on, lately?  I've been winning stuffs, and it is all music related!  Kinda creeped out right now...

True story: right when I retrieved it from the bottom of the arcade machine, I turn around to see four little boys that I am SURE were minions of The Messican Meddler.
(links to refresh your memory: The Messican Meddler & Goodbye 2011... WTAF 2012?!).
"How did joo get that?  How many times did joo play?  Can I have eet?", and then they just continued hovering around me like flies to caca just staring at me in a mixture of awe and desperation.  For real... they asked if they could HAVE it.  Oh, yeah, sure!  Here you go, random strange street urchins that I have never met or fathered.  *sigh*  Silly chidlins.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sesame Street, this ain't.

Random Comment:  Your welcome


Brad: Would it be rude to post this?

I love my welcome with open praise
Perhaps you might remember this phrase
"You're" is "you are", as in "you're fine"
"Your" is in possession, as if it is yours and not mine
If you switch the two, 'tis a ghastly nuisance
Use "your welcome" and I'll be looking for the rest of the sentence

Rochelle: Oh, GOD, no!  Don't post that!  That would be rude!  Educational, but rude!

Brad: But I made it into a jaunty little poem!  She could dance a jig and remember grammar better!  ^_^

Rochelle: ROFLMAO!!!