Sunday, February 19, 2012

02-19-2012 aka WINNING!

I WON STUFFS!!!  ^_^
Thank you Lemonhead and Plushgun & Dan Ingala!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just won an 8GB iPod Touch from an arcade machine at a bowling alley!  O_O  Played the game three times, paid $2 each time... so, sure, I think $6 is a fair price for one of these.  :-P  What the eff is going on, lately?  I've been winning stuffs, and it is all music related!  Kinda creeped out right now...

True story: right when I retrieved it from the bottom of the arcade machine, I turn around to see four little boys that I am SURE were minions of The Messican Meddler.
(links to refresh your memory: The Messican Meddler & Goodbye 2011... WTAF 2012?!).
"How did joo get that?  How many times did joo play?  Can I have eet?", and then they just continued hovering around me like flies to caca just staring at me in a mixture of awe and desperation.  For real... they asked if they could HAVE it.  Oh, yeah, sure!  Here you go, random strange street urchins that I have never met or fathered.  *sigh*  Silly chidlins.

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