Sunday, December 26, 2010

12-26-2010 aka Kenzi Playing

It's a KENZI FRENZY!  ^_^

Playful Kenzi Bo Lauren after her first poop outside!!! I'm such a proud daddy! ^_^
Click here for her photo album!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12-22-2010 aka Kiki's Holiday Commercial

Here's your holiday bonus: Kiki's outtakes.  ^_^

Friday, December 17, 2010

Huggin' Hos

Brad: hell, I can't even send cards this year! I'm giving out hugs this x-mas
Stacy: ooooh I'll take one! 
Brad: uuuhhhh.... yeah... I'll have the UPS man pass it on.... so, if a man gives you a hug out of the blue, make sure he is wearing a UPS uniform and says "This is from Brad"... otherwise, he's just a run of the mill perv
Stacy: that would be freakin' awesome 
Brad: you know, that should be a real service; call someone up, tell them to send a hug to someone.
Brad: but then again, that sounds like borderline prostitution...
Brad: "Thank you for calling Huggin' Hos, would you like to try our three way hug for half off?"
Stacy: that would be awesome though
Stacy: seriously 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Lost Girl drinking game!!! ^_^

Created by Stephanie Smith and myself.

If the word "fae" is mentioned, take a sip.
Dyson shirtless, take a sip.
Bo kisses a girl, take a sip. Take two if it is Dr. Lauren
Dr. Lauren stares at Bo, mouth agape, sip until she closes it.
If a fae power is used, take a sip.
If Kenzi's hair color has changed, two sips; three if it looks freshly raped.
If someone eats something odd, take three sips.
If Kenzi uses any accent at all, take a sip.
If the Ash makes an appearance, take a sip.
If someone mentions Trick's past, sip.
Anytime a new fae is introduced, sip.
Anytime anyone has to explain fae lore to Bo, sip until she gets it.
Anytime the divide (dark and light fae) is mentioned, take a sip.
Dyson has to bail Bo out of a fae situation, take two sips.
Anytime the zombie hooker video game is mentioned, take a sip.
Dyson turns into a wolf, two sips; one if it is partial transformation.
Anytime Saskia/Aoife/Aífe/Eva/whatevs makes a sarcastic remark, sip to dull the pain of it.

UPDATE: Check out my holiday present: Kenzi Bo Lauren ^_^

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Damn Me [unfinished song] 12-15-2010

Had to jot this down real quick before I forgot it... The tune is in my head, but can't for the life of me write the music...  >_<

Damn Me [unfinished song] 12-15-2010

Damn me
and my curiosity
Damn the lies
and my blind trust I despise
Damn my heart that's aching
Damn my heart that's breaking
Damn the pain that I feel
Damn, I with this wasn't real

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Near Nasal Soda Enema Incident

Yes, I am a funny funny man, but dammit, Alexis Hudson , I almost cleared my sinuses with soda! >_< 
Thanks for the visual memory, Zach Luz !!! ^_^

Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh, we’re gonna have words, alright, “friend”!

A while back I started playing WordFeud on my Droid 2 (Words with Friends for you iPhone users, and Scrabble for the old school peeps) and since many of my friends do not have both an Android phone and the game, I usually just play with Arielle or some other random person.  Most people don’t utilize the chat feature that is implemented in the game, they just focus on the game itself.  Well, I started a new game today with some random person in the world, and went about playing.  On my second turn I was able to play the word ‘hexadic’ which landed on two double word bonus spaces making the score for that word 108.  My first double double!  ^_^  I’m guessing that didn’t sit too well with the ho-bag I was playing against.  I get the chat message “Cheat much?”  Cheat?  How the hell do you cheat at Scrabble?!  Know more words than the other person?  Yep, I’m a cheater, bitch.  I traveled back in time and invented the word ‘hexadic’, used it enough times, had it spread around the globe so more and more people used it, got it entered into the English dictionary, then came back to the present, hacked the game so I could get the exact tiles that I wanted at the exact moment, and then played that word.  I usually do not use such vulgar language as this, but I must in this instance: you ignorant cunt.  Why don’t you pick up a book sometime and learn some new words instead of lashing out at others for being obviously smarter and better at word games than you?  It’s not our fault you’re stupid!  Can't believe she almost ruined my first double double.  Now I need a triple triple to make up for it!

BTW, I am SO gonna mop the floor with your bitter, pathetic, limited vocabulary laden ass!  >_<

UPDATE: After a heated match of exchanging moves, where upon I had five to eight letter words and she played three to four letter words, she resigned and sent me the message "I don't play with cheaters."  How rude!  LOL!  Well, I don't play with dumb cows that can't own up to their own stupidity and would rather mope and blame others for their limited capacity.  Such sad sore losers out there!  :-P

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Call meh nao!"

Brad: I'm hongree! I'm SO gonna steam some chicken titties when I get home!
Stacy: Make me some too, please.  I might have to go to my parents tonight and get fed. 
Stacy: OMG, no shit, my mom just sent me a text msg asking if I wanted to come for dinner... for chicken.  It's like she KNEW!
Brad: ROFL!!!!! Psychic Jew Mama! She could have her own hotline and be the new Miss Cleo!  Miss Matzo!
Stacy: LMFAO!
Brad: Yeah, I had an audible chuckle on that one, too.
Brad: "Hello, I'm Mama Matzo. Would you like to know your future? Will you be rich beyond your dreams. Bubbeleh, take it from me; invest, invest, invest. So, call Mama Matzo and I'll tell ya what you need to know. What, you too good to call your Mama?!"
Stacy: I'm so sending that to my momma!
Brad: LOL!