Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Lost Girl drinking game!!! ^_^

Created by Stephanie Smith and myself.

If the word "fae" is mentioned, take a sip.
Dyson shirtless, take a sip.
Bo kisses a girl, take a sip. Take two if it is Dr. Lauren
Dr. Lauren stares at Bo, mouth agape, sip until she closes it.
If a fae power is used, take a sip.
If Kenzi's hair color has changed, two sips; three if it looks freshly raped.
If someone eats something odd, take three sips.
If Kenzi uses any accent at all, take a sip.
If the Ash makes an appearance, take a sip.
If someone mentions Trick's past, sip.
Anytime a new fae is introduced, sip.
Anytime anyone has to explain fae lore to Bo, sip until she gets it.
Anytime the divide (dark and light fae) is mentioned, take a sip.
Dyson has to bail Bo out of a fae situation, take two sips.
Anytime the zombie hooker video game is mentioned, take a sip.
Dyson turns into a wolf, two sips; one if it is partial transformation.
Anytime Saskia/Aoife/Aífe/Eva/whatevs makes a sarcastic remark, sip to dull the pain of it.

UPDATE: Check out my holiday present: Kenzi Bo Lauren ^_^


  1. Hilarious! I'll be soaked before the second round of commercials! Love it.

  2. Loooooove it!
    If you like this game, take a sip!

  3. Awesome, but that's too many "sips" on Sunday night. People won't make it to work on Monday. :)