Friday, December 17, 2010

Huggin' Hos

Brad: hell, I can't even send cards this year! I'm giving out hugs this x-mas
Stacy: ooooh I'll take one! 
Brad: uuuhhhh.... yeah... I'll have the UPS man pass it on.... so, if a man gives you a hug out of the blue, make sure he is wearing a UPS uniform and says "This is from Brad"... otherwise, he's just a run of the mill perv
Stacy: that would be freakin' awesome 
Brad: you know, that should be a real service; call someone up, tell them to send a hug to someone.
Brad: but then again, that sounds like borderline prostitution...
Brad: "Thank you for calling Huggin' Hos, would you like to try our three way hug for half off?"
Stacy: that would be awesome though
Stacy: seriously 

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