Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Call meh nao!"

Brad: I'm hongree! I'm SO gonna steam some chicken titties when I get home!
Stacy: Make me some too, please.  I might have to go to my parents tonight and get fed. 
Stacy: OMG, no shit, my mom just sent me a text msg asking if I wanted to come for dinner... for chicken.  It's like she KNEW!
Brad: ROFL!!!!! Psychic Jew Mama! She could have her own hotline and be the new Miss Cleo!  Miss Matzo!
Stacy: LMFAO!
Brad: Yeah, I had an audible chuckle on that one, too.
Brad: "Hello, I'm Mama Matzo. Would you like to know your future? Will you be rich beyond your dreams. Bubbeleh, take it from me; invest, invest, invest. So, call Mama Matzo and I'll tell ya what you need to know. What, you too good to call your Mama?!"
Stacy: I'm so sending that to my momma!
Brad: LOL!

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