Monday, July 3, 2017


~MKP~ (08-16-2017 UPDATE) - My Mortal Kombat Project Compilation based on the latest releases of the Mortal Kombat Project version 4.1 Season 2.5. Final version of the lifebars, power/run bars, win icon, double zero/infinity symbol for timer, "danger' now appears in empty health bar, and updated all of the portraits that I was able to. Credits for all components of the game are in various files, minus my own. I do not seek fame, just to share the love of Kombat.

It's not just a compilation; I've had to edit and create hundreds of sprites, trim and delete hundreds of unused files, and arrange and organize many various aspects in this game. I've spent many sleepless nights and have poured hours of labor into this project.

If you do not like this, do not download it. If you don't have any constructive criticism, make your own game. There is absolutely no need to be negative.

I've taught myself most of the various aspects of MUGEN, but I still do not know how to convert old characters to this new version of the MKP MUGEN system. There's a list of characters in the main folder that are not fully converted, but are still fun to play with. If anyone wants to help with cleaning this up, repairing it, or even pointing me in the right direction for tutorials, please feel free! I'd greatly appreciate it!

All of the download links will be updated below as I continue to make improvements and revisions. Enjoy!

[UPDATE 07-21-2017]
Alberto Blaze recently found the first MKP I edited in 2009 called M-Kast. I thought I had lost it forever after a PC crashed. I have since then added more characters and changed the name.

Super Duper Mega Extreme Ultimate M-Kast 2 Turbo Chaotic Anthology:

Supreme Hot Garbage MUGEN 2009-2017 Alpha & Omega Edition DX 64 Extra 500+ Characters Final

Or just Hot Garbage Kombat (HGK)

This is a parody and social commentary on what a Hot Garbage pile Mortal Kombat has been twisted into by the MUGEN community. You can download it at the links below, but be warned; its very glitchy and majorly unbalanced, but it's still a TON of fun!
I hope you like my works! Have fun, enjoy, and PLEASE be kind to each other!

"[Any MUGEN game that I edit] is not mine, per se. I do not claim ownership to any MUGEN items, even the ones that I do myself from scratch. I actually get thrilled when others enjoy the edits I've done! Sometimes, it's a lot of hard work, but I will never cry, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" The MUGEN community is in dire need of good willed people, sharing and contributing, giving as well as taking. If we could all just work together, I am positive we could make a fighting game that's a thousand times better than the "official" versions. Like I said, a LOT of time and hard work goes into this, but it's all totally worth it to see someone else playing a game I had a hand in making or hearing others say, "That's pretty cool! Good job!"

Share and give back to the community, but above all else, be kind to each other."