Saturday, May 28, 2011

M.I.A. in Paradise 05-28-2011

M.I.A. in Paradise 05-28-2011

The empty promise of contact
taken in stride
with a missed beat of my heart
the absense I abide

The bliss voided of me
a freedom renewed
my 'little bird' informs me
of promises skewed

I sit alone in waiting
with a drink in my hand
play the good partner
while your toes shift the sand

I know what I know; I feel what I feel
I'm always 100% right
When the flight lands, and the home embrace awaits
don't blame me if I'm not in sight

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Darkness 05-26-2011

The Darkness 05-26-2011

The Darkness burrowed deep inside
Slumbering intense in its dull hibernation
Thought it dead, but it's only resting
I cover the hole and fear the resurrection

Scared to see its face again
Of twisted black and ebony teeth
That gleam the light between spittles of madness
I wish it to stay buried underneath

I found the bright of ever giving
Cornucopia of peace and forgiving
Don't want to lose it again to the bleak
Forgo the thought of it waiting and seething

I go through the motions of the identity anew
While traipsing and teasing its solemn grave
I should know better, I have seen the movies
Where the villain rises into a zombie rave

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

05-25-2011 aka Kenzi Gets Sassy!

Kenzi finally gets vocal and I caught it on video! ^_^

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rant - Korean Konvenience

I just do not get the little Korean man that runs the shop downstairs in my office building.  Every damn time I get the greasy, flaky croissant and sausage kolaches, he puts them in a paper bag which immediately gets those transparent oil spots, then he puts my napkins IN the bag with the friggin' kolaches.  Why not just give me a used towel from an auto shop to wash my face while you're at it?  >_<

Also, every time my total is $5.something or $10.something and I pay with a twenty dollar bill... "You have one dollah? You have tenny-five cent?" No, twerp!  Gimmie your ones!  >_<

Then there's the prices that he charges!  OMG!  I think everything is marked up at least 300%.  Then there's the issue of debit and credit cards.  He refuses to accept them!  He has an ATM machine that charges a fee which I am sure goes right in his tiny little pocket.  With all that money, no wonder he can afford to dirty up so many napkins!

Monday, May 16, 2011

05-15-2011 aka In N Out - The Ride!

Stephanie, April, Aaron, and I decide to see what the fuss is about.  ^_^

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kellogg's Corn Pops feat. Samuel L. Jackson!

So, this is one of my very first blogs ever and during a recent conversation, decided to resurrect it.  Enjoy!  ^_^

Kellogg's Corn Pops feat. Samuel L. Jackson!

I love Kellogg's Corn Pops, I also love Star Wars, and I also hold Samuel L. Jackson dear to my heart, but these do not compare to my love of SUPER COOL FREE TOYS IN MY BREAKFAST CEREAL!!! When I saw ALL of these things combined into one shiny new product, I almost wet myself right there in aisle 9 of the Wal-Mart Super Center. I can hear the intercom announcement now, "Clean up on aisle 9.... again." Aaaaaaaaaaaanyhoo, there it was, offering me the promise of a NEW SUPER COOL FREE LIGHT-UP LIGHTSABER SPOON!!! I had to have it. Got it, ate it WITH my new super cool free light-up lightsaber spoon, and felt bliss. But something was wrong. VERY wrong. Sammy, as I like to call him, wasn't looking all too happy. Matter of fact, he was down right glaring at me across the table, lightsaber in hand and held high, ready to do some serious Jedi ass-whoopin'. Hell, I'd be mad too if they put my mug on a box of sugary fun-time that tarnished my hard earned image of a gat toting, cap bustin', expletive spewing, bad ass. That's when it hit me. Jackie Brown. No, Jackie Brown didn't come up and bitch slap me. I had just recently seen this blockbuster flick staring the aforementioned uber-actor, and seeing him furrow his brow at me as I ate gave me an idea, NO, a MISSION! I must right what was wronged when they stuck Sammy's bald head on a kid's breakfast cereal offering toys, giggles, and bunnies. Sammy is not about bunnies. I was thinking of "Samuel L. Jackson POPS! ...A Cap In Yo' Ass", but it just didn't have the right ring to it and that phrase has been WAY overdone. No, I had to go with the message that he was silently speaking to me with his slit eyes of rage. Below, you will find the scanned image of my completed mission of what it would be like to have Sammy, the REAL Sammy, on the box of his own cereal. I hope you enjoy and spread word,



(click it for full sized glory)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bitch-Bot Gets the Squirts

mandychick94: hey you
zaxxonq: yes? o_0 who is this?
mandychick94: heyyyy ...sup have we chatted before? 18/female here...u?
zaxxonq: highly doubtful
mandychick94: ah k.. im sorry ..i get to be forgetful at times!! how are u?
zaxxonq: working...  •_•
mandychick94: I just got out of the shower...its been kind of a long day been kind of busy! but i'm feeling naughty! so whats up .. do you wanna have some fun? 
zaxxonq: no thanks. I'm gay.  Vadge makes me gag.  >_<
mandychick94: I need a man that can make me squirt...can you make a girl squirt? lols
zaxxonq: Yeah... I feed her Olestra products and Alli pills.
mandychick94: i gotta change my clothes ... want to see ?
zaxxonq: No, I do not wanna see your funky, dirty ass drawers. •_•
mandychick94: dirty can be good 
zaxxonq: Yeah, but skid marks are not.  •_•