Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Darkness 05-26-2011

The Darkness 05-26-2011

The Darkness burrowed deep inside
Slumbering intense in its dull hibernation
Thought it dead, but it's only resting
I cover the hole and fear the resurrection

Scared to see its face again
Of twisted black and ebony teeth
That gleam the light between spittles of madness
I wish it to stay buried underneath

I found the bright of ever giving
Cornucopia of peace and forgiving
Don't want to lose it again to the bleak
Forgo the thought of it waiting and seething

I go through the motions of the identity anew
While traipsing and teasing its solemn grave
I should know better, I have seen the movies
Where the villain rises into a zombie rave

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