Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rant - Korean Konvenience

I just do not get the little Korean man that runs the shop downstairs in my office building.  Every damn time I get the greasy, flaky croissant and sausage kolaches, he puts them in a paper bag which immediately gets those transparent oil spots, then he puts my napkins IN the bag with the friggin' kolaches.  Why not just give me a used towel from an auto shop to wash my face while you're at it?  >_<

Also, every time my total is $5.something or $10.something and I pay with a twenty dollar bill... "You have one dollah? You have tenny-five cent?" No, twerp!  Gimmie your ones!  >_<

Then there's the prices that he charges!  OMG!  I think everything is marked up at least 300%.  Then there's the issue of debit and credit cards.  He refuses to accept them!  He has an ATM machine that charges a fee which I am sure goes right in his tiny little pocket.  With all that money, no wonder he can afford to dirty up so many napkins!


  1. The Korean that I am... I sympathize with you. Koreans are NOT good business people.

    For example.. my own grandmother, bless her asian heart. She had two restaurants. The first one was "Diamond Mountain". This would be an appropriate name for... I don't know.. a jewelry store specializing in all things diamonds, but no... it was a Korean restaurant. Now, my grandmother was an amazing cook. I loooooved eating the food that she cooked. It's seriously unmatched; so obviously, this was not what put her out of business with Diamond Mountain.

    The fact that people would come in, look at the menu, order what they wanted from the menu only for my 4'7 grandma to tell them that she didn't feel like making it and would bring them what was easiest to make instead... that's what put her out of business.

    So then she thought, "I gonna open 'notha rest-ront again". So.. she did. Now, one would assume that their previous tactic obviously didn't work, so don't do it again... except for my grandma. New restaurant name, same [awful] service! She names it the Bluebonnet Cafe. Something a place white people would frequent, right? Well, the white people came and never returned.

    I need to take you to Killeen one-these-days. Awful Korean service galore!!

  2. lol so why do you keep going back?
    Btw, got here because of your mysterious and intriguing business card-

  3. Yay, they DO work! LOL! ^_^ I keep going back because a sausage kolache addiction is a dirty and terrible thing!