Thursday, June 3, 2021



*showing this to the hubby*

Him: Bussy?

Me: Boy pussy.

Him: What?

Me: Boy pussy!

Him: What?!

Me: BOY👏🏻PUSSY👏🏻!!!

Him: Oh my god, stop yelling "boy pussy" by the open window!!!

I just lose it, but internally I'm screaming, "Stop making me laugh! You're making me sputter-fart! They're so hot, I don't know if I'm shitting myself!"

So, there I was, laying on my back, legs kicking in the air, lost in a fit, just laughing and farting like a toddler, not knowing if I was "making" without my husband doing the mommy two finger check in the back.

No. I did not "make". And no. He did not check. 

Then, this scene is so vivid in my mind:

*Dog walker passing our house*

"Go poopies! Go p-"

"Boy pussy!"

"......... Uh..... G-go poo-"


"......... Hello, police?"

So, does this character think I'm demanding it, like, pounding the dinner table with a knife and fork, or is it a shout of surprise like I'm unwrapping some very inappropriate gift? "*gasp* Boy pussy! You shouldn't have!"

One of the top three funniest moments in my life!