Sunday, July 19, 2020

Twenty-Twenty: Advice to Get By

In this very tough time of plagues, politics, and phuckery, it can be hard to stay positive, or at the very least, sane. With a world of information at our fingertips, it can be tempting to click on all links through tangent rabbit holes where you can very quickly, and quite literary, lose 'yourself'. That's why I'd like to share my method of keeping sane(ish), staying positive(ish), and holding on for dear life to my humor through all of this ish. This is my advice on what works for ME, so it may need some adjustments to work for YOU, but the structure remains consistent. If you find it necessary to be on the internet, please take this guide with you, because it's dangerous to go alone...

1. Limit your time online. I know that is asking a LOT, but if you are following even a portion of this guide, it's possible.

2. Trust ONLY actual, official news stories from actual, official news websites. Also, try to get the unbiased news; facts only! No more BubbaFreedomNewsDotCom and no more conspiracy theories. If it takes an hour long story to set up any reported facts, run away! Those can be more toxic than anything out there.

3a. Stay away from politics. Period. Just focus on FACTS. Facts are simple true statements that have no bias, motive, or the hunger to spread and change views. They're just truths, they just exist, they just... are. If you believe them, awesome. If you don't, that's fine, they're cool with that. They still remain as established facts.

3b. When scrolling online, try your best to not click on shared stories involving politics or politicians. No good can come from it. If at all possible, limit your political news to your immediate area and how things are being affected there.

4. This is a doozy that will help MOST of us get through this together; DO NOT POST ANY REPLIES TO YOUR FRIENDS' POSTS. PERIOD! If you agree with them, smile and scroll. If you disagree with them, frown for a moment, get over it, and scroll. If they mention making a blood sacrifice to the old gods to break the curse of 2020, have a moment of concern, consider reaching out or calling the authorities, don't do any of that, and scroll. We're friends for a few reasons, none of them based on our personal views of 2020. Let's keep it that way.

5. Be kind. To Friends. To family. To essential workers. To yourself. No matter what, please be kind. 2020 is having its way with all of us, we're all in the 'MeToo2020' support group, we are ALL having a very difficult time with ALL of this, so please do not add to it. Don't make it harder on others because it's hard on you. That is such a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped immediately.

6. Listen to science and medical staff. They are your new god, now. "Wear a mask!" Yes, Lord. "Stay inside!" Preach! "Work from home!" Amen! Kidding aside, we have always trusted doctors before this, so why are we not doing this now? "Take two of these, shove them up your butt, stay in bed for a week with a diet of broth and dreams." Yes, doctor! One week later and you're thanking them. Now it's, "Wear a mask for your 10 minute trip inside any public place." No! Eff you! Freedom! 'Murica! *cocks gun* It's this thinking that has kept us from getting over this crisis that should've ended MONTHS ago.

7. This is going to be a tender subject, so I'll try to be as gentle as possible... quit leaning on God. God is busy at the moment. You need to step up and take care of things with the tools, free will, intelligence, and educated individuals that your God has blessed you with. Don't leave it all on God. God doesn't do well with demands. Don't EXPECT miracles, MAKE them!

8. Have fun. Check out for the day or a few times a day to do something that is purely for you and your happiness. It can be anything! This is where it's perfectly fine to be selfish, but please do not do something that would negatively impact another person. I season my days by making stupid jokes and posting memes. I've always been addicted to making people laugh, so that is my go-to. It's totally selfish, but as a bonus, it makes others happy too. Even if only for a moment.

I could keep going, but I think these eight items are a great place to start. Eight is great! LOL! Yeah, that was terrible. Anyhoo, go out and spread rainbows or some crap. I'm going to go watch Unsolved Mysteries so I feel better about the hand I've been dealt and realize that it really isn't all that bad. According to this show, I could've been set on fire while being mugged by a ghost alien in the middle of Scotland for some reason. ^_^