Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy Being Alone

Busy Being Alone 06-21-2010

The hurried, the busy, the blustery tizzy
Takes stage on the foreground, abound with the new sound
Yet often ignored, the murk of the lonely, blandly and blurry
Centered and anchored and angered and festered
With thoughts of the ending of acting and bearing
Mundane and abstain and verily insane
Sent mad by the quiets amidst riots of zealots
Yearning and turning, the burning's alluring
To light up the night and stave off the fright
A hope for a dope who can no longer cope
Will sit and ponder and wonder but not wander

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Thankful 06-17-2010

To people I've known
to new ones I've met
to those still around
to who I have not met yet

You've tinted my life
with colors dispersed
the rainbow of me
thanks you in verse

You brought forth the light
and guided me to see
if it wasn't for you
I don't know who I'd be

The good and the bad
to the bitter-sweet end
I give thanks to you all
to those I can call 'friend'

I know, not the best, but sometimes I gotta go for the lighter side of writing, the Yang to my Yin, and I felt the need to jot this down for all of you to see how truly grateful I am to have you all in my life, no mater how long or brief it is, will be, or has been.  ^_^  Good gravy, when I let my gay side out, I REALLY let it out!  LOL!  :-P

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Like Sia said...

... Some People Have Real Problems.  (side note, look her up, awesome album.)

For real?  No, I mean really, for real?  *sigh*  To protect the innocent, the name has been changed, yadda yadda...
ZaxxonQ: can you do me a favor?
Person2: hmm
Person2: depends
Person2: LOL
ZaxxonQ: can you get a shotgun and shoot me point blank in the face, please?
ZaxxonQ: >_<
ZaxxonQ: sinus pressure, headache, drainage, and a sore throat from all of that. >_<
ZaxxonQ: I can't stop sneezing. I'm fuggin' miserable!
Person2: lol
Person2: nope
ZaxxonQ: >_<
Person2: ugh
Person2: i'm so sick of this
Person2: since april i've been seeing pics these people have been posting on facebook
Person2: endless pool parties
Person2: PERFECT bodies
Person2: am i the only one in dallas that looks fugly?
Person2: LOL
ZaxxonQ: •_•
ZaxxonQ: you know, right now, with what I'm going through, REAL problems, I just wanna slap you. •_•

Monday, June 14, 2010


Another 06-14-2010

Another time
another place
another smile
on another face

The actions hollow
the exquisite bore
the empty yearnings
the want of more

Prospects and promises
with lingering doubt
teasing and taunting
with loathing throughout

With one journey ended
with the same empty yield
with acknowledging glances
with a kiss sealed

The stagnant dance continues
at the same mundane pace
I spy another smile
on yet another face

Thursday, June 10, 2010