Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Like Sia said...

... Some People Have Real Problems.  (side note, look her up, awesome album.)

For real?  No, I mean really, for real?  *sigh*  To protect the innocent, the name has been changed, yadda yadda...
ZaxxonQ: can you do me a favor?
Person2: hmm
Person2: depends
Person2: LOL
ZaxxonQ: can you get a shotgun and shoot me point blank in the face, please?
ZaxxonQ: >_<
ZaxxonQ: sinus pressure, headache, drainage, and a sore throat from all of that. >_<
ZaxxonQ: I can't stop sneezing. I'm fuggin' miserable!
Person2: lol
Person2: nope
ZaxxonQ: >_<
Person2: ugh
Person2: i'm so sick of this
Person2: since april i've been seeing pics these people have been posting on facebook
Person2: endless pool parties
Person2: PERFECT bodies
Person2: am i the only one in dallas that looks fugly?
Person2: LOL
ZaxxonQ: •_•
ZaxxonQ: you know, right now, with what I'm going through, REAL problems, I just wanna slap you. •_•

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