Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miner Sixty-Niner

Stacy:  I'm going to smoke... right after Steve stops messing with the trash.
Stacy:  Maybe I should curl my hair while I wait.  Because, you know, I'm working SO hard.
Stacy:  Dammit!  Steve just caught me curling my hair!
Brad:  Why does it matter if he saw you do that?  He hires such useless twats that just sit there, stare, and fart in their panties, you look like a damn miner in comparison!
Stacy:  It just bothers me.  I like to at least pretend that I work in the morning.  LOL.
Brad:  Yep... mining for hair... this new euphemism is brought to you by Brad.
This miner stumbled upon a vein of Adam Lambert shag


April:  Kenzi looks like a little doughnut curled up in my lap.
Brad:  Yep, a hairy doughnut.  Oh lord... another one.  >_<

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A wild troll appears!

Alright, for real... I want your genuine opinions on this. Was I wrong? Was I out of line? Do I need to take an "Internet Etiquette" or a "Just Shut Up and Take It!" class? o_0 is a site where the community is encouraged to post comments, and other people can comment on those posts.  I for one think that if you have an opposing opinion, you should make a totally new thread that is all your own, if only to avoid arguments like this one below.  Eventually it could turn into the playground fights of "Nuh-uh!"  "Yuh-huh!"  "Is not!"  "Is so!"  That is MY personal belief and opinion.  Apparently not everyone agrees with this and I should just shut up and take other’s opposing opinions as they bash mine, then when I retaliate, they get to whip out the card of "Don't post a comment if you can't take the ridicule of other’s opinions".  Okie dokie... with THAT mentality being played, I lay down my cards of "Don't poke a wasps nest if you don't want to get stung and then bitch about being stung" and "Don't dish it out if you can't take it".

... but, I will let you decide for yourself from the following thread that I started with by posting my personal humble opinion of an article on titled "Totally Badass Trailer for Battlestar Galactica’s Cylon War Prequel, Blood and Chrome"

If you can't read this, here: