Monday, July 19, 2010

Quickies with Brad! 07-19-2010

More quick movie reviews from flicks over the weekend!  ^_^

She's Out of My League - Very cute, charming, and funny movie.  Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve have great chemistry together, but it's the scenes with T. J. Miller and Krysten Ritter that really won me over.  The only issue that I may have had was the high number of main cast members.  I really don't want to remember everyone's name and role during a silly comedy.  Despite that fact, it was a fun ride.  Rent.

Vampires Suck - Everyone that was involved in the making of this "movie" should have to give refunds to everyone that spent money on it and then after they go broke, become homeless, and resort to eating cat food, they should die in agony alone in a ditch... possibly on fire.  The only time that I laughed (which was twice by the way and yes I was counting) was only when comedian Ken Jeong was on screen.  Although the jokes he delivered were horrid, the way that he pulled them off was all his own hilarious style.  You'd be better off just watching his stand up acts.  Pass like a kidney stone.

Carnival of Souls (1998) - Although very loosely based off the original 1962 film of the same name, this version still manages to hold up its own as a very superb piece of horror.  Despite it being twelve years old and having barely any gore, I still found myself cringing and jumping.  Wes Craven rarely lets me down.  Rent.

Alien from L.A. (via MST3K) - Wow.  I cannot believe that anyone could seriously watch this with a straight face.  Kathy Ireland sounded like a wounded kitten that needed to be put down, the makeup jobs looked like something a half retarded gorilla from the 80's would do, and the acting was bland and incomprehensible.  The only, and I mean ONLY way that you should watch this is with my good friends from Mystery Science Theater 3000.  They could make a steaming turd funny.  Actually, they just did with this movie.  Rent.

Teenage Strangler (via MST3K) - Now, I've seen a lot of bad, and I mean BAAAAAAAD movies (see Vampires Suck) but there are some that just don't have ANY sort of redeeming value at all!  Even when Mystery Science Theater 3000 sinks their vicious teeth in this and rip it apart, it still isn't worth the time that you could spend crocheting or learning Dutch.  Pass.

Coming soon: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Also, I'm gonna change the name of this segment to "Quickies for Commoners: Movie reviews for the non movie snob".  Still gonna keep the quick few lines format with a mixture of comedy and seriousness, and since no one owns the rights to the "Buy, Rent, or Pass" rating system, I will hang on to that until I think of something better.

Until then, thanks for reading!  ^_^

Edit: What do you think of this rating system: "Own, Watch, I'd Rather..."?

The first two are rather self explanatory:
Own - I suggest owning the movie.
Watch - You're good just watching it the one time.

The last one will be unique to me:
I'd Rather... - Something that I'd rather do than watch this movie.  Will be different every time.  "I'd rather watch a good movie."  "I'd rather get a poke in the eye."  "I'd rather lose my eyebrows in a grease fire." etc.

What do you think?!  ^_^

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  1. haha i can't wait to see some of the "I'd rather"s :)