Friday, January 7, 2011

Complicate this! : An exploration of the human condition.

So, as many of you have seen last night, I changed my relationship status to "It's Complicated" and in true form to the FaceBook bunch, a lot of you had something to say.  I just find it so amusing that out of all of my random posts, some funny, some meaningful, that this one would be the one to get the most reactions so quickly.  It's not just true for me, either!  It seems to be the one major thing that sticks out like a white boy at The Apollo; relationshit, er, I mean, relationship status.  :-P  Why does this concern us so much?  Who are we to butt into someone's private statement and declaration of companionship or, in the case of 'Single', the lack thereof?  I could understand a comment from the other person involved in the changed relationship status, I can even understand if close friends and family made a simple comment such as "Congratulations!" or "I'm sorry to hear that.  I am here for you if you need me", but even then I think that such personal statements should be said in person or over the phone.  Then there is the case of people that you hardly know, probably met on FaceBook, who jump in with their two cents!  Really people?!  You hardly know me and you are gonna jump in with your own views and judgments on something so pivotally emotional and personal?  That's like having Olympic judges rate you on your own emotional standing.  It's just weird.

That was the side of the person with the changed status.  Now we move on to the side of the commenters...

First off if you don't want people commenting on something so close to you as that, then don't fuggin' post it on FaceBook or anywhere on the internet, stupid!  What did you think was gonna happen?  People would read it, smile warmly and that's it?  Ha!  No, my deluded friend, you really need to get a better grasp on the mannerisms of the online community as a whole.  :-P  For those that are so jubilant to post "In a relationship (with such and such)", awesome for you, man.  Glad that you found someone to be with, but do you really have to rub it in the face of everyone else who is mainly made up of singles?  The saying is true "Misery loves company" and I would rather have a bunch of single friends to surround myself with rather than chill with the coupled masses.  I mean, I am happy for them, but it sucks when you are alone by yourself.  :-P  Those that post "Single" are just as bad if not worse.  That's like saying "Look at me!  Look at how sad I am!  Pity me and feed my your sympathetic comments" or "I'm a ho that is looking for a rebound fuck".  Yeah, I went there.  Then there is my favorite quandary; the "It's complicated" status.  Bitch, if it is so complicated that you feel the need to label it as complicated, tell the world it's complicated, and complicate it even more by changing your status to "It's complicated" then you either have issues or you need to get your shit straight because you are either in a relationshit... dammit... relationship, or you are not.  That simple.  No complications about it.  If it gets to a point that you feel you have to label it as such, I suggest you end it right there and save yourself the time, emotional toil, and save us from pouncing on that ridiculous status that should be done away with.

So, in closing from this single boy, thank you for the fuel to whip up such a rant.  It was quite relieving to vent and write once more.  ^_^  If this offended you in any way… uh, get over yourself and enjoy a satirical rant for what it is… SATIRE!  :-P

Love you!  ^_^  -Brad/Brandon/Buddy/Zaxxon Q/Zax/just pick one already :-P

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