Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ho ho h-oh my GOD!

Stacy:  How was your Christmas?

Brad:  Was good.  Kenzi, upon first meeting Mom and Mam-Ma, was pulling on her leash away from them, went ape shit berserk, and tried to bite Mom.  Was very odd.  She never did that before.  Once we got to Mom's and she started with the treats, Kenzi warmed up real quick; even curled up in bed with her.  LOL, silly little black bitch.  :-P  Then, at the gathering the next day, she just stayed in my lap the entire time.

Stacy:  LMFAO @ silly little black bitch.

Brad:  For real!  She acted like mom's hands were made of knives, covered in tarantulas, and set on fire!  Freaked the fuck out!  Hair stood on her back and everything!  BEAST MODE ACTIVATE! RAWR!!!  O_O

Stacy:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I need beast mode.

Brad:  Then, back at Mom's house, she reached down for her, Kenzi ran, Mom gave chase, caught her, then made a face and looked around, "Did she just poop?!" I look at her puzzled, "No."  Then it hit me; a VERY sharp, pungent odor reeking of fresh hell and squirty shits.  Fuckin' A, I thought she crapped battery acid!  Nope, just rancid fear farts.  Mom scared the toots outta her.  Good to know she has a natural defense against predators.

Stacy:  LMFAO ROTF... Oh... My... God.

Brad:  "Boy how-dee, that was stout!" <--- Gotta love a redneck mom.

Stacy:  Sounds like I missed a good time!

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