Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Solo Sequel 01-10-2012

I posted this on a poetry group, one that I had left a while back but have decided to join again, and just HAD to post it here for archival sake.  It is a companion piece to another poem, in my book, titled "Solo" which I will post here as well.

Yes, the Beat-Off Bard is back.  :-P

(That's BARD, not BRAD; one is clever, the other is just sad. [Hey!  there's a poem right there!  ^_^])

Solo 11-11-1999
My elusive eternal dark lover,
my right hand man,
my security blanket under the covers.
Stare dumbfounded into the night.
A solo beat rhythms my heart.
Perspire steam and salt so sweet.
A single sigh just to start.
Exotic fantasies fulfilled.
Divine desires dreamt, live.
The darker the sin, the better.
Giving it all I can give.
Ecstasy discovered within thyself.
A good singer needs no band.
Who knows you better than you?
Practice makes perfectly talented hands.

Solo Sequel 01-10-2012

The fruit of my loins
is never ripe
plucked too early
with stammering hype

A quickie, a tug
A scenario perfection
A bared solo soul
An unneeded protection

Dry, wet,
I'll take what I get
Fast, slow, 
At home, on the go

Caught in a tissue
Tossed without regret
is that abortion
or child abandonment?

***UPDATE***  A fellow group member commented on my poem with this:

Jerking the chicken
Choking it too,
Why can't the girls
Have some fun with words too?

Not a word about flowers,
Or tending a garden,
We don't even have
A good word for hard-on.

LOVE IT!!!  ^_^

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