Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Cycle

Jesus Christ, it's been so long since I have actually had the time, energy, and ambition to write ANYTHING!  My GOD, how I miss it!!!  >_<  I really need to win the lottery so I can do this shit full time!  For.  Real.

Or... I need to sell more of my books. and other links are in the sidebar for physical copies as well as eReader versions.  Jusayin'.  ^_-

The Cycle 12-16-12

Meet me, love me, take me, claim me,
hold me, kiss me, suck me, fuck me,
leave me, fail me, harm me, maim me,
dis me, curse me, dump me, chuck me,

tempt me, blind me, beg me, shame me,
use me, drain me, bleed me, fool me,
burn me, smoke me, torch me, flame me,
blow me, jilt me, quit me, fuel me.

I rise, I start, I love, I care,
I am, I'm me, I strive, I feel,
I walk, I move, I go, I bear,
I take, I give, I hurt... I'll heal...