Thursday, May 9, 2013

Morning Chats with Stacy & Brad

Been a while since I have done one of these:

Stacy - We have to do a SUMMER WATCH 2013. You definitely have to go to the airport with me to pick her up. :D

Brad - 'kay... you do know I work nights and sleep days, right? When is she arriving?

Stacy - Noon on Thursday the 30th.

Brad - Fine. Just remind me to go to bed early on Wednesday.

Stacy - "Fine"? :-/

Brad - I just woke up. "Fine" is sleepyese for "Huzzah! We shall goeth forth and picketh up Lady Summer! Oh, joy!"

Stacy - LOL, silly boy.

Brad - That's why you keep me around.

Stacy - So, if you had to guess what size you are... what would that size be?

Brad - Hefty. For what?!

Stacy - Shirt wise.

Brad - X-Large.

Stacy - Are you sure XL?!?!

Brad - Yep.

Stacy - Dude, you have a 52 chest?

Brad - o_0  Th' hell if I know! Last time I measured anything on my body, it wasn't my CHEST... I should also point out that I was 13 at the time... kinda sad to think of a grown ass man doing that... anyhooooooo...

Stacy - LMFAO ROTF. Nothing wrong with measuring... anything.

Brad - I'm good. I don't feel the need to prove anything. I'm secure in my... chest size.


  1. uh, you forgot the LIKE IT HARD, YEAH BITCH, part of the conversation. <3

  2. I love you guys. You crack me up.
    Of course, now I am insanely curious about the deleted part of the convo..

    oh well...

    guess I'll live.

    Apparently, curiosity only kills cats anyway.

    1. LOL! It wasn't anything big. She just didn't 'like' my Facebook posts of my latest comics and the Princess Pig story. I told her to like that and like it hard!