Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ellipsis: A Collection of Short Horror

Here it is; the big reveal!  A new short horror project that started on this site and will eventually evolve into a nifty little paperback anthology.  The theme and title of the collection will stem from the fact that all of the stories will end with an ellipsis, leaving the reader to the mercy of their own dark, riled up imagination, or to pause and give the reader a moment to soak the story in.  Sure, I could force you to see my exact vision for each of the tales, but I have found it far more terrifying when there was no spoon feeding and I had to fill in the blanks myself.  Also, what may be scary or creepy to one person may not have the same effect on another, yet we have all experienced our own form of hellish nightmares from scaring ourselves silly.  The human mind is a macabre and bizarre little creature that just loves to jump to the absolute worst scenario.

The collection is listed on the right side of this site in a drop-down box where you can choose a story.  As always, I would LOVE to hear feedback, good and not-so-good, from anyone and everyone!

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