Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pit & Pit's Friend

Pit & Pit's Friend 02-17-2010

I have a Pit in my stomach
that will not go away
it's gnawing, chewing, eating,
and I think it's here to stay

That Pit brought a Friend
to hang out in my head
to fill it full with vicious doubts
and things left unsaid

I once was at peace
before the Pit and its Friend
now it's all I have inside
and I don't know when it will end

Will the Pit and its Friend
devour me whole?
Will I ever have that peace again
and that calmness to my soul?

I'll have to learn patience
I'll have to sit and wait
I'll have to put my trust again
in the fickle hands of fate.

Oh, Pit and Pit's Friend
Enjoy your buffet
I'm not sure I care right now
I'm not sure of what to say

I know it will all pass
It always seems to go
But for fuck's sake, Pit and Pit's Friend,
why do you eat so slow?!


I've always been emotionally self-destructive with the path of least resistance,
so now I have to try the tour of hardships and see if I prevail.
Wish me luck, wish me love.  ^_^

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