Thursday, February 11, 2010

Texas Sized Snow in Texas?! o_0

You read that right.  Snow.  In Texas.  TEXAS!  I'm not talking about a light dusting or little flakes; I'm talking HUGE ass cluster-flakes (a cousin of the cluster-fuck).  Everything was covered in white this morning!  It was weird.  It was like I was transported to Bizzaro Texas.  It's just not right.  Not right at all.  I used to LOVE this weather; the cold, the dreary, the miserable, but ever since I turned thirty and found a source of real happiness (I might touch on that later, but if you're clever enough, you might be able to just guess it) now I want the sun, the warmth, hell I'd even love to go to a beach!  Yeah, you read right!  Me!  On a beach!  Who would've thought it?!  Not I!  So, yeah, I am SO over this cold and gloom.  I want the sun!  Not too much, at least not yet... I burn easily.  >_<

In other news, I have volunteer duty at the theatre this Saturday from 6:00pm to 11:00pm, but it isn't for the usual usher duty.  I will be assisting with the annual Spotlight Gala silent auction!  I really wanted to go to this because I donated a signed copy of my book to the auction and I'm really curious as to how much it might go for!  ^_^  The tickets are $150, so I'm VERY thankful that the theatre manager requested that I help out!  I hope I get to find out who snags my book up and for how much!  This is exciting!  ^_^

If you want to know more about the WaterTower Theatre, please visit:  They are always looking for donations and volunteers and you would be helping to support the arts, which is the best cause that I know of!  ^_^

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