Thursday, August 12, 2010

'Cause I'm not large with the butch

So, last night, home alone and bored.  I decide to go play with my makeup (for special effects, not pretty pretty princess) and try to come up with something cool for Halloween.  After playing around with the makeup and washing it off, I say out loud to myself , "Okay, now I need to do something manly to make up for that.  Beer.  I'll have a beer.  That's manly.  Scotch!  That's pretty manly, too!  I'll have a beer and some scotch."  Then I saw a Hershey's Bliss bar, "Oooooooo!!!  Chocolate!  Yay!"  Masculine fail.  >_<  Yeah... the butch never works with me. Not that purses fall out of my mouth every time I speak or anything flamboyant as that!  :-P I try to spit, I end up with a dribble... belches come out silent... and when I scratch myself, I crush a nut. >_<  So, I'm somewhere in the middle of butch and queeny.  This is why I consider myself more geek than gay.  There just isn't a category for me... but I kinda like it that way!  ^_^

Oh, if you can guess (NOT Google) where the title of this post came from, you get bonus geek points from me!  ^_^


  1. "but it's ok, because you're only playng around right?"

  2. also your title sounds like a horrible line from Buffy.