Thursday, August 12, 2010

To tomato or not tomato?

I go downstairs to the deli/cafe type area in my office building. I go to the build-your-own salad bar. I put lettuce, cucumbers, mushrooms, and black olives on the plate. I hear a woman muttering. I turn to see a lady sitting and eating by herself, head turned to look in my general area, finger outstretched and pointing at a chunk of tomato on the floor by her feet. "You dropped something", she repeats. I look at my plate of no-tomato salad and then her plate of what looks like nothing BUT tomatoes. I ignore her and go pay for my salad thinking, "Uh, no I didn't, you lazy crazy!" People really need to take their meds. >_<

EDIT - Ruby Jean!  It was fuggin' Ruby Jean from True Blood!  That loony bitch!

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