Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I got my law degree from FaceBook! ^_^

Okay, seriously... everyone that is posting shit about the Casey Anthony verdict and how you are SO outraged and that justice wasn't swiftly delivered... read all the facts.  I'm glad that you went to law school here on Face Book and followed the rest of your outraged peers like sheep with posts like "Karma/God/A higher power/Elvis will judge her", "Seems that if you want to kill someone, move to Florida!", "Poor Caylee can't rest in peace now", "The jury is a bunch of idiots!", etc, but I can tell you that the verdict delivered was the only one that could be delivered.

Let's just get this part out of the way: No, I do not think that parents should murder their kids and get away with it.  Do I think she did it?  I'm not Jeebuz, so I don't fuggin' know, nor do I really give a crap!  I don't know the bitch or her kid and I certainly will not give in to the media circus that has pitched their tents once again on a little white dead girl.  You people are sucked into the sensationalized media blitz and have no idea that they are feeding off of you!  You will post and spread the articles, buy the books, watch the TV movies, and buy the t-shirts or other crap honoring the memory of that little girl.  Guess where that money goes?  You think it goes to building some sort of memorial to her?  Nooooo.  It goes to the media ringmasters, the lawyers, the publicists, and the family.  Good job, American suckers!  ^_^

We now continue with the rant in progress: People are outraged over the fact that the defense team was seen having champagne at a bar directly after the verdict.  If I were on the defense team, I would have gone out for a few drinks myself, also! They did the job they were hired to do and while I don't agree with the verdict, the jurors followed the law to the T. If anyone is to blame here, it is the prosecution who did not make their case. They did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony had something to do with the death of her daughter. If you've ever been even part of jury duty selection you know how strictly you must follow the rule of basing your decision on the evidence presented. It is emphatically expressed to the jury by the judge that you cannot hand in a verdict of guilty based on what you think about the person on trial, or even what you personally think about the case itself. You have to remove yourself completely from the case in order to be objective and consider the entire body of evidence presented during trial. The verdict of guilty can only come from proof based on the evidence presented and only that evidence.

I'm sure everyone on that jury thought she was guilty, but when the prosecution fails to present evidence that proves that she is actually guilty, there is only one verdict that can be handed in. The jurors are not to blame here and shame on all of you for completely ignoring the process of the justice system. You are all basing your outrage on what you thought the verdict should be and calling out the jury, who all have made what was most likely one of the most difficult decisions they've ever faced.

The system worked... the prosecution failed.

Now please... PLEASE, enough with the tacky FaceBook posts; they will not bring her back!
I'd really hate to start hiding people!

P.S. If you have ever tried to get out of jury duty... sorry... you cannot say a gawddamn word... so, STFU.

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