Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jew Hell

Stacy:  Exactly how much fun can I have before I go to hell?

Brad:  Oh, I have crossed that line, looped around, and crossed it again so many times

Stacy:  Me too!

Brad:  Jews don't go to hell... you just go to a version of Heaven where everything is full priced

Stacy:  LMFAO ROTF!  No fuggin doubt!  "What?!?! RETAIL!?!? GTFO"

Brad:  "Oy vey, this place! $10 for a reuben sandwich?! I know I have unlimited funds, but I got an eternity to save up for!"

Stacy:  HAHAHAHAHAHHA oh Brad, you're going to make me laugh so hard tears run down my leg!

Brad:  LOL!!!! You're naaaasty.

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