Friday, April 2, 2010


I was given an assignment by Bradley, who is also a fellow poet, as sort of an exorcise to my writing.  I was given the first line and the last line and I had to fill in the rest in thirty minutes.  I am so not used to writing without emotion, but this is what spilled out.  He rather liked it and suggested that I post it on here.  He says that it reminded him of World of Warcraft.  ^_^  I admit, I think it's pretty groovy, too.  Hope ya like it!

The Calm of Cold Cobalt 04-02-2010

The orchids sprayed blue pixie dust
despite my warnings of frost
azure covered my latent trust
as the remnants, to the cold, would be lost

I save what cobalt powder I can
then watch a gust carry the rest away
the blooms, sapped dry, wither and wan
clutching my new treasure, I resolve to stay

The first wave of chills hit like a hammer
Freeze me fast to my core
My futile pleas end in a stammer
Choking on quiet, I await for more

The full on blizzard erupts upon me
The answer lies in my clutch of blue
I inhale, lie down, sleep & drift free
Silence determined which way the wind blew

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