Monday, April 5, 2010

Played the Two Worlds

Played the Two Worlds 04-05-2010

I've played the two worlds
an actor in both
the identical part
in a journey of growth

The first world so smooth
immaculate, pristine
a perfect bright smile
all-shaven, so clean

Lured by the shine
a beacon to my soul
disarmed by the kind
for once feeling whole

The beauty spouting promises
and compliments ten fold
then turns on a dime
and shows its deathly cold

Judgmental and cruel
rips my soul asunder
now used and disposed of
it moves on to another

The torturous limbo
floating in between
awaiting my next chance
to play my big scene

A new world in my grasp
More rough than clean
More real than the first
More absolute than pristine

More substance to this
More fondness to this
More caring to this
More promise to this

I let myself go
Give into this bliss
and feel a true connection
within every kiss

Between the two worlds
I cannot compare
but this one holds promise
and more acreage to spare

I finally know now
the difference it seems
between achievable reality
and unobtainable dreams

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