Monday, April 26, 2010

Inappropriate Comments - The Woe Edition

Why do people leave such inappropriate comments? For example, trying to "one up" the commenter on their status comment of woes, i.e. "Oh, you think YOU'VE got it bad?! Boy-how-dee, lemmie tell ya, I've got it WAY worse!".

   ---#1: I am not looking to win some sort of "woe contest".
   ---#B: I'm not gonna throw down with you and see who has it worse.
   ---#Green: Most of the time their woe is totally different to the one posted, so it would be like comparing apples to dildos. Srsly, WTF?

Then you get the people, the Debbie Downers, who just butt in with their woes in a very inappropriate way, such as posting on someone's obviously happy happy status with a comment that makes the original person feel like a total dick for being so happy! "How dare you be happy on my day of woe!"

Here's my prime example (names have been removed to protect the guilty):

   ---Okay, I have a free weekend and my loan is all paid off. Who wants to do something?! Hit me up! ^_^
      ---You could come up here and go to my grandma's wake... she passed away last night.

For real? For. Real? I did not know how to comment so I just didn't. I was thinking more along the lines of maybe dinner or going to the clubs. I wasn't MOURNING the loss of my loan payments!

I really wanted to say, "Okay, but I get the first dance with her!"

For. Real. >_<

(if this offends you, I do apologize, this was a satirical rant.  Please understand and laugh.)

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