Friday, October 1, 2010

The Haunting of the Crops

In honor of the month of spooks starting, here is a scary TRUE story told by IM messages:

Brad: I've started getting gassy every time I eat bacon.

Brad: NNNNOOOOOOOOO! Say it ain't so!  :-(

Stacy: oh... brad... I don't even know what to say :(

Stacy: but it's totally worth it. ;)

Brad: well, yeah, if i can just blast them out at home

Brad: but I gotta sit on a binder clip to spare my co workers

Stacy: lol  take a "walk" and crop dust  ;)

Brad: they always follow me back to my desk!!!!

Stacy: then you're not walking far enough ;)

Brad: I could go outside, crop dust, come back inside, then I'd hear the automatic doors opening back up again, and I look but no one is there...

Stacy: LMAO

Brad: it's spooky... I have pootergeist O_O


Brad: I think my butt is the location of an ancient Indian burial ground. >_<

Stacy: oh .... oh god... stop! I was on the phone with a CLIENT WHO JUST GOT FIRED... trying not to laugh in his ear

Brad: ROFL!!!

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