Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Journey 10-28-2010

A Journey 10-28-2010

It is not the end, just an altered beginning
rough to start, aspirations of winning
the gleeful, the horror, and all in between
the traveling road and the sights to be seen
kisses and misses and hugs between friends
the happy and the crappy and the fences to mend
looking forward to the endless scene
looking behind to see how far you've been
standing in the moment to take it all in
a deep breath and sigh to start it again
hopeful anticipations in the rocky path
like a phoenix arising from the fiery aftermath
never knowing if I will crash or soar
but I know that I'll keep coming back for more
striving and longing for that happy ending
but still, that's not the end, just an altered beginning


Where in the hell did THAT come from?!  o_0

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