Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MYOB... B!

OMG, I hate nosy ass busy bodies. >_<

So, there is an older Messican lady that I work with; I have never seen such a nosy person in my life!

I made some vegetable stew and brought it to lunch one day... I was heating it up in the break room and she comes in and sees me pull it out of the microwave... she looks down her nose at it...
"Vegetable stew"
"You make-a it?"
"Whas in it?"
*I sigh and tell her*
"Can I try it?"
O_O *stunned silence*

So, just now, I was making coffee. I put a lot of powdered creamer in it because I like my coffee like I like my men; sweet and creamy! ^_^ Anyhoo, it tends to foam up a bit at the top... not much, just some. She comes in as it is brewing, looks down her nose at it...
"Uh... it's coffee... o_0"
"Juss kah-fee?"
"Are you chure?! Is all foamy! What did joo DO to it?!"
"It's just the creamer!"
"Ooohhh......" then walks away.

For real? Did you mother not hug you enough when you were little?!

When she said "What did joo DO to it?!" I really wanted to say "Oh, I added some dish soap. Gives it a little kick. You should try it!  ^_-"


  1. P.R. -- Initials for Puerto Rican, often used to call Puerto Ricans "Professional Robbers"

  2. I gathered that it was Puerto Rican. :-P Who is this? You obviously know who I am talking about! LOL!