Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Señorita Nosy Busybody part 2

Another update on the Hispanic coworker that doesn't have enough work to do:  I just came back from a week-long vacation, so I have a SHIT STORM of crap to catch up on and correct.  On said vacation, I bleached my hair.  I just knew that this would draw attention and pit me in a time sucking conversation that would attempt to steer me away from my work.  >_<  I spent this entire conversation staring at the screen, frantically doing my job, and thinking "Go away" on loop.

*I see her out of the corner of my eye running up to my cubicle and think “Oh shit”*

"Aye!  Joo dyed j'our hairs!"

*winces*  "Yeah, I bleached it."

"Ayyye!  I like et!  Joo went on bacation?"

*thinks to self: man, a bacation {bacon+vacation} would rock!*  "Yeah, I went to Florida."

"Ooooooooh!  Plor-ee-dah!  Nice, nice!  I hab family der.  It's been a long dime since I see dem.  Joo go to the beech?"

*continues doing work, ignoring her stories, just focusing on answering questions as quickly as possible*  "Yeah."

"I lub da beech.  I like da hairs.  I dyed mine blonde a little, too!  Look!"

*reluctantly looks over for a brief second to see nothing but dark brown hair*  "Oh!  Nice."  *goes back to work*

At this point I zoned out on everything that she was saying, and after five minutes of nods, polite smiles and chuckles, all while staring at the screen and working my butt off, she FINALLY left.  I really did have a LOT of work to do, catch up on, and fix.  That is the norm after a vacation or holiday and she damn well KNOWS this, so WHY does she insist on stopping me from doing my job?!  Wait until later in the day, Nosy Busybody!  Go to work!  >_<

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  1. Why are you insisting on working when you could stop and have entertaining conversations with curious señoritas?