Monday, June 6, 2011

A personal post...

I know that I said that I would never get personal on this site, but I think this has to be said:

So, you get a BF, you have been together for a month, he says he has a vacation coming up that has been planned and paid for before he met you, said vacation takes place at a gay nude resort which he admits to being to before and having flings, he says that he will contact you when he lands, text you, e-mail you, call you, and video chat with you everyday, days go by with no word. Shit hits the fan, he knows that you think he cheated on you, he FINALLY opens conversation and tries to reassure you that he didn't cheat, and wants to go on like nothing happened. Now what? I want that too, but there is a huge mistrust now and that nagging feeling like something did happen on vacation has tainted what seemed so good. I have been in this sitch before and the guy chose to go to an all nude pool party and break it off with me rather than to take my feelings into consideration. :-/ I HATE these gay nude ho dens. >_< I really feel uncomfortable with him going to them and him being nude around other people, even if they are just friends. I don't walk around naked in front of my friends! I know that I still have to wait to talk to him in person tonight, but I dunno if I confront him with all this shit, y'know?

I must reiterate this: What is it with men, all men, either it be gay, straight, bi, or Thai and that constant desire to plug all holes with their wenis? It boggles me! Good thing there aren't any leaky dams here. I just know when scientists find a tear in the fabric of space and time, they are gonna try to fuck it. >_<

ARE there any good men left? If so, the chances of him being gay, loyal, geeky, 'normal', and in Texas seem slim to none.
An update to this: yes, we split.  It just wasn't gonna work out.


  1. You don't walk around naked in front of your friends?! What kind of friend are you, anyway?!

    So, this might be a dumb question... but why didn't you go with him?


  2. I was not invited and I could not go even if I was. Plus, I don't like those places, so I am not sure I would WANT to go. >_<