Thursday, August 11, 2011


Cruel 08-11-2011

Love and acceptance for who you are
costs a pretty penny
The lack of means
is a cruel fact

Money CAN bring hapiness
but only until it runs out
then you are still broke
with the cruel solitude

Finding yourself is worth all the money
in the world
but how to spend it
is a cruel task

I yearn for the emotional dollars
unlimited wealth
to spend on the worthy
in this cruel world.


  1. I love this... I gotta say, though, from my most recent experience, that all the money in the world is not worth the faith and fellowship I have found in NA, which has renewed my faith in God. Brad, God loves fags, in spite of popular belief or what they tell you in church. Jesus died for you too, buddy. You are worth the blood he shed. All the emotional wealth you could ever want can be found in faith. It doesn't have to mean fire and brimstone and preachin... all you have to do is ask. And God is there. For you, for me, even for the Curious Whores :) I love you so much!!!! You are never alone!

  2. I love you so very much, too, Dawn! ^_^ Just having some thoughts and doubts at the moment, but it will sort itself out. It ALWAYS does. I have faith that everything will come up roses... that's what all this manure is for! LOL!