Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two New Ones

New ones I posted at Bad Beatnik Poetry: The Group

My Participation Ribbon part 2 08-15-2011

Desperate in alone
I find myself
I discover that I am 
searching still
within the search
a scavenger hunt
that I can't win
since I am the only player
and it doesn't count
when you succeed by default
or get a participation ribbon.

Pussy 08-15-2011

You call me a monster
I call you a liar
I take your spite
and toss it in the fire

Your anger anew
a phoenix from the flame
your jealously restored
different yet the same

Burns through my soul
so hot, but no ash
tempered strength given
as quick as a flash

You're scared of my will
you shiver and shake
you run like a pussy
from the monster you make.

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