Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This one time, at band camp...

Brad: Olive Garden really isn't the best... but it sure is good when it's free!

Stacy: HAHAHAHA, no doubt!  Everything tastes better when it's free!

Brad: Man, I AM a Jew... just told a friend the same thing I told you and she said "Hey, you can't complain; it's free."
          I said, "Watch me."

Stacy: LMFAO ROTF.  I'm rubbing off on you

Brad: "Can you believe these bread sticks?!  As cold and tough as my ex-husband!  And this salad!  Yeesh!
            It's 50% fekokteh onions!"

Stacy: OMFG ... how long did it take you to figure out a spelling for "fekokteh"?  Fakakta.

Brad: LOL!!!  I thank Google... I searched "yiddish fucking"... with the adult filter ON, thank you very much.

Stacy: LMFAOROTF... OMG, I might just pee a little

Brad: I want Yiddish "fucking", not "Yiddish fucking"!  Oy vey!
          (I have a little old Jewish man accent in my head right now)

Stacy: Oh, Brad.... stoooooop!  I'm going to peeeeeeee!

Brad: OMG, that is the fastest onions have ever acted!  O_O  I got some gas BAD!  About to toot my dook-horn
          aka butt trumpet!  Seriously... the salad was about 50% onions.

Stacy: Butt TUBA more like it.

Brad: HEY!!!  ......... shaddap.  At least I got a nice, deep, baritone bellow and not a fruity gay little piccolo tweet.

Stacy: OMG piccolo farts!  I'm totally using that!

Brad: Piccolo Butt= *chirp*  "What was that?!"  "..... bird."
          Me= *ahWOOOOOGAH*  "What was THAT?!"  "Ships are coming in."

Stacy: LOL!  On the drive to work... dude... I smoked myself out.  It was baaad.  I don't even know what I ate!  I thought it was a little poot... it assaulted my nasel passages with such a vengence... I almost had to apologize ... to myself...

Brad: ROFLMAO!!!!!!!  Stop it!  You're gonna make me clear out the office!

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