Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two New Ones

New ones I posted at Bad Beatnik Poetry: The Group

My Participation Ribbon part 2 08-15-2011

Desperate in alone
I find myself
I discover that I am 
searching still
within the search
a scavenger hunt
that I can't win
since I am the only player
and it doesn't count
when you succeed by default
or get a participation ribbon.

Pussy 08-15-2011

You call me a monster
I call you a liar
I take your spite
and toss it in the fire

Your anger anew
a phoenix from the flame
your jealously restored
different yet the same

Burns through my soul
so hot, but no ash
tempered strength given
as quick as a flash

You're scared of my will
you shiver and shake
you run like a pussy
from the monster you make.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Why I love her...

Stacy: you are awesome. ;_) 
Stacy: and, apparently, my nose fell off
Brad: ROFL!!!!!!! OMG, I choked on my Monster!
Brad: You made a tear! LOL!
Brad: I needed that!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Cruel 08-11-2011

Love and acceptance for who you are
costs a pretty penny
The lack of means
is a cruel fact

Money CAN bring hapiness
but only until it runs out
then you are still broke
with the cruel solitude

Finding yourself is worth all the money
in the world
but how to spend it
is a cruel task

I yearn for the emotional dollars
unlimited wealth
to spend on the worthy
in this cruel world.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ass 08-10-2011

Assume the past is past
Assume the link has been severed
Assume that what was is lost
Assume gone the endeavored

Regret is a powerful ally
Regret is a formidable foe
Regret is a double edged sword
Regret is a haphazard beau

Desire blinds you to the truth
Desire tempts your fate
Desire teases and taunts
Desire engulfs love and hate

To desire only make you human
To regret forces you to see
To assume makes an ass
out of you and out of me

Thursday, August 4, 2011

M.A.R. 07

Art's punchline was a toss up between "Well, at least Rae was IN this comic." or "Oooo, you said a wordy dird!", but I figured this one was funnier since the final frame wraps it up nicely.  ^_^

Ya gotta click it, silly.  ^_-

Chardonnay is the Devil’s piss!

Chardonnay is not my friend.  It tried to kill me last night.  This is the worst hangover I have ever had, and I have had some bad ones.  >_<  I have never had the stuff in my life, which is an odd thing for one such as me to say since I have tried many wines in my life.  Hell, many booze laced drinks, period.  Let me tell you of this particular drink’s charming qualities:  

First off, it is not a nummy wine.  It seriously taste like the Devil’s urine after he just downed a whole bottle of aspirin.  Evil aspirinated piss from Hell.  But no matter, I wasn’t drinking it for the deliciousness.  I was trying to get druuuuunk.  It did the trick, alright.  After two glasses I was three sheets to the wind.  Speaking of sheets, it must also act as a laxative, because I had the sheeeeets.  >_<  After that passed, I passed… the fugg out!  I have no recollection of the time that I went to bed.  All I know is that I woke up around 2:00 AM and could not go back to sleep due to the worst case of indigestion that I have ever had in my life!  Thanks, Devil Piss (I think I’ll buy a winery and label the product as that)!  I felt like I was gonna vomit that acidic Alien blood that would totally ruin any chances of getting my deposit back on my apartment.  I also woke up with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and my eyes sealed shut!  This shit, although liquid, does not seem to contain one ounce of water.  It severely dehydrated me.  I think it sucked the moisture from my very soul!  Trying to look back on the night, I also found that, ironically, I could not remember any of the episodes of Samantha Who that I watched last night.  Yay, wasted missing time.  So, shits, nausea, acid, dehydration, and temporary amnesia… could it get worse?  Oh yeah.  Ever gag yourself with your toothbrush?  Who hasn't, right?  Ever gag yourself with your toothbrush and fart at the same time?  No one?  Lucky me; feels just like I won the lottery.  It is not a fun experience.  It wasn't the actual act that was terrible, but the first gasp of life retaining breath that I took after the gag.  Apparently another side effect of Chardonnay is that it rots your insides and gives you toxic death garbage farts.  I am quite sure my coworkers will appreciate that today.  Okay, I think that is everything in my words of wisdom/orange warning cones to you.  Over-share time is over.  ^_^  

Just remember: drinking is a lot like falling in love; it may seem like a good idea, it may be fun and giggles in the beginning, but then you gotta pay with the pain, screaming, regrets… and sometimes even vomiting.

UPDATE: Now I am breaking out in itchy hives on my face.  Chardonnay... you SUUUUUUCK! >_<