Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get Down with the Sickness

Um, no thank you, Mr. Disturbed, I'd rather not "get down with the sickness". So, after two nights in a row of self medicated NyQuil comas, I have awoken anew and refreshed. The Sudafed is keeping my nose open and pepping me up. Let's hope this all lasts, 'cause I have a lot more movies to watch and review.

On a side note, let us talk Netflix. I just signed up with them and I must say that I am quite impressed! The quality of the instant streaming videos is pretty damn good! Right now I am in the middle of watching Xena from start to finish. When it was originally broadcast it was in a time before DVDs and TiVos so I missed quite a few episodes. I never even knew how it began! Now with the miracle of the digital future I can finally watch it in its full glory! This is so much better than acquiring said episodes in other, shall we say, more shady ways. I don't have to wait for it to finish downloading, I don't need to use any precious limited hard drive space, I don't need blank discs, and there are no discs to scratch. Plus there is no threat of jail time. The future of home entertainment is here and I suggest you all jump on board! Granted, not everything in Netflix is streaming, but give it time. What you can't stream you can still get sent to you in disc form pretty darn quick. For nine bucks a month for unlimited streaming, I'd say this is a pretty good deal! ^_^

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