Friday, January 15, 2010

Smitten; Bitten by the Theatre Bug, Again

Wow. Here I thought that starting out as an usher in the community theatre was gonna be dull. Far from it. Got to meet all sorts of very nice and lovely people, got to stay and take in the show for free, and got to block all outside food & beverages from reaching the theatre! LOL! Felt like the security guard of drama. :-P Anyhoo, it wasn't much of a job; fill boxes with pamphlets; stock programs, move equipment, tear tickets, pass out programs, offer information about the theatre and the show, then cleanup the theatre after the patrons leave.
While I was cleaning up, I found one odd thing that was left behind. Among the usual hard candy & Halls wrappers and used tissues, which by the way is a very disgusting thing to do, but not nearly as gross as the piece de resistance of the garbage: a used band-aid. Yeah, really. I mean, who the hell is sitting there while watching the show and decides, "Oh, I'm done with this. Let's see, where can I dispose of such a personal item as this? Oh, I know! I'll just throw it in the aisle!" or "This play is great! It made my wound spontaneously heal! I shall reward them by leaving my band-aid as a memento and thanks for their service!" Ew. Thankfully the manager had disposable gloves for such an occasion. She didn't have any bags or anything to put things in as you gather them, so I just used another glove as my trash receptacle. I had a glove filled with paper, tissues, a used band-aid, and my glove. That was just odd. Never thought I'd write about a thing like that. >_<
Overall the experience was amazing. The play, Laughter on the 23rd Floor, was hilarious! The cast was astounding. For a community theatre they really performed like professionals. I really could've watched them all night. Hell, I could see the play being fleshed out into a sitcom. If you are ever in the Addison area, look up the Water Tower Theatre and get tickets for this show. It is so worth it!
As for me, I think I have reawakened my acting bug that had been lying so dormant for all these years. I have signed up for more shifts at the theatre and hopefully I can meet more interesting people and get my face & name out there. I even laced some of the programs I passed out with my business card for my book! Sneaky, I know, but I gotta do something! Then one day, one day, I will work up the nerve to go audition for something. Until then, I will be more than happy to pick up tissues and used band-aids just to finally be back in my element. ^_^
When arriving at work today, I was told by a coworker that I looked rested and in a better mood.  Yeah, this is exactly what I needed!


  1. WaterTower Theatre is NOT a community theatre. It is a professional theatre where the actors are PAID and must be a part of Actors Equity Association

  2. I do apologize, I was mistaken. It really was an honest mistake. I now stand corrected.